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How can we be of service to you?

This is our highest goal. Everything, including our ISO 9001 certification is arranged to accomplish this. We try to help our customers as we ourselves would like to be helped.

We do this by supplying high quality products, even when they are not produced anymore. We try to meet all quantity requirements and requested delivery times. Special requirements we can meet are in terms of traceability, packaing, calibration and testing. To further support your Purchasing Department we can help you with reducing the number of vendors (Vendor Reduction).

You can send your bill of materials (BOM) to us and you can quickly save yourselve a number of orders, confirmations, warehouse-bookings and payments. We can also administratively handle your new or occasional suppliers against a low mark-up. 

Let us know if you want more detailed information.

Hard to find?

Kreisler can find the parts you need, when you need them. These parts, and millions of others can be found in our Online Component Database. OEM surplus and distributor stock from thousands of companies worldwide can be found here, changing daily. (By the way, we can also advertise your surplus stock!).

Try us, we do not easily give up to find you a solution!

Purchasing Support

Many companies try to reduce the number of vendors. Very often in vain, what can be quite frustrating for people in Account or Purchasing.    Kreisler can help you with this!

Our 40+ year experience has resulted in excellent contacts with thousands of worldwide manufacturers, and their distributors.

Contact us

We aim to help you within one workng day!