Cable Assemblies

Having trouble sourcing your cable assembly?  Or did your supplier quote you a long lead-time?  Perhaps you received a quote with a high MOQ?  We can often help you out!

Kreisler Import can help you find new cable assemblies or replacements when you were told these are not available anymore or have long lead-times.  Other reasons to try us can be price driven.  Many OEM’s charge very high prices for their cable assemblies as this is not their main business. It is ours!

We also offer our help if you need custom enclosures with one or more cableglands. Industries served:

  • PCB assembly companies
  • Solar panel / wind turbine
  • Crane building
  • Agriculture
  • Video cables
  • Medical cables
  • Defense cables
  • Telecommunications cables
  • Offshore / Marine cables

Please send us as much information on the cable as possible, or a sample. We will send you a quotation before you know it.

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