Component Testing

Although Kreisler Import is a big fan of recycling we do not support the use of refurbished products unless we receive full warranty from our supplier.  Unfortunately one has to be very carefull, as over the last 10 years used components have been sold as unused and some creative companies have even specialized themselves in the remarking of components, the so-called  ‘fakes’.   At Kreisler Import many precautionary steps are taken to avoid selling you refurbs or fakes.

We are living in a time where a growing number of companies have found creative ways to generate revenue. Unfortunately some do this is by offering used- or remarked products that will, most of the time, not function as expected by you.

Despite all our precautions taken to avoid the above we can not always guarantee 100% non failure if the part originates from high risk areas. If there is the slightest chance of receiving fakes or refurbs we will let you know in advance and will advise you to have the parts tested.

We can provide testing, up-screening, re-certification, custom marking, die reclamation, packaging from dies and more. The test laboratories we work with are ISO compliant, and certifications are available when re-screening or upgrades are required.

These laboratories are capable of performing all component related tests like:

• Decapsulation
• Solderability
• RoHS compliancy
• Climatic
• Thermal shock
• Pressure Cooker
• Die/Wafer
• Leakage
• Life cycle
• Marking permanency and blacktopping, DPA, PIND, X-ray, MSD level, Matched Pairs
• Error Analysis
• Full Element analysis

If you require a test not mentioned above please let us know.

Extra services:

• Programming (up to approximately 100.000 pieces per day)
• Placing components on tape and/or reel
• Drying and dry-packing for long term storage

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