We sell virtually all tools and materials from thousands of brands, however, for below products we have a special relationship with the manufacturer and can offer these very attractive pricing.

Cable gland tools

Everyone working with cableglands encounters following problem: Not enough space to effectively use your standard wrench.

We offer several solutions:  From basic adapted wrenches to electronically adjustable torque wrenches.

Also note we can save you money by offerering upgrades or comparable cableglands at great prices!  Please give us a try to prove this.

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This extremely handy tool uses induction to very precisely heat a nut, steering knuckle, bearing or any other object made of magnetizable metal.  After all, heating through induction, as opposed to heating with a gas torch, mainly heats the outermost part of the assembly. In less than a minute you can heat steel to 300 to 600 degrees Celsius, and since heat causes it to expand you can remove it immediately.

The heat generated through induction technology can be applied to stuck parts of all different sizes, such as nuts, bolts, steering knuckles, nipples, bearings and so forth.

To establish the right interaction between the iDuctor and the object to be heated, the tool is accompanied by a set of 9 coils in metric sizes M8, M10, M12, M16, M20, M24 and M30. It also comes with a 110cm long wrappable flexible coil. The coils are easily exchanged.

The iDuctor is also usable for other specific purposes in addition to heating stuck parts, such as heating and removing coating layers from steel. Special tools are available for this specific application.

The iDuctor is becoming a standard tool in a growing number of workplaces. The fire-safe, easy-to-operate iDuctor is used in automotive garages and engine repair shops as well as industrial, aerospace, marine and petrochemical settings and many others.


Industrial and Ecological Absorbent

Instazorb Absorbent Floor Dry is an all natural, ordorless absorbent that is made for all spill situations.  It enhances safety in the workplace and is not hazardous to the environment.  It is biodegradable, light weight and easy to handle and approximately 4-5 times lighter than clay based products. This environmentally friendly product will not let you down.  It has unlimited applications to absorb chemicals, solvents, paints, oils, gasoline, and brake fluids. 

This product was created because the American market demanded that industrial absorbents should:
• Be without risks for the respiratory tract (they must not contain crystalline silica)
• Have enhanced performance compared to traditional absorbents (absorption power and reaction lapse)
• Be more ergonomic ( 3 kilos of weight for every 30 litres standard bag )
• Be less costly disposal (ISO 14001)
• Have greater polyvalence, with capacity to absorb every kind of liquid (based on non organic products)
• Be an ecological product that respects the environment:
• Be an absorbent that won’t reject the liquid once absorbed, whatever the liquid (oil, gasoline, paint…)
• Be a non-flammable product (once a liquid such as an oil or a hydrocarbon has been absorbed, the absorbent should not be consumed)
• Be a product as light as possible to facilitate its handling ( generally absorbent bags weigh between 12 to 20 kilos)
• Be a product that can absorb on top of metallic supports without damaging them (non-abrasive )
• Be a non skid product
• Be a product that reduces the storing surface (1 bag equals 2 bags of clay based absorbent )

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