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Since 1970 the Royal Netherlands Airforce, – Navy and -Army have been regular customers of Kreisler Import. In time we added Belgian and other Nato defense departments and related companies from the defense industry.  We are very proud to serve these customers!

Are you looking for military or high reliability components?

Over the years we have built a vast network of suppliers consisting of companies that have a  close relation with this industry and understand the, often, very specific requirements.

Whether the components are used in deep sea, in space or in between: We can supply these with the right certification and traceability which we will keep on file for 10 years.

We very often only need an NSN to make you an offer where we try to avoid high MOQ’s and long lead-times. Mil-Spec products do not have many secrets for us.

Our own ISO 9001 certification guarantees a stringent approach of the complete purchasing, sales and logistic process.

We are looking forward to your enquiries per e-mail or through our Enquiry form!

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