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Your Advantages:

  • We have regular suppliers for over 9000 brands.
  • Is a product not available through your supplier? → We will  start a worldwide search for these, or find you the best possible alternative.
  • If we receive discounts we will pass these along to you.
  • We are ISO 9001 certified. This means we work with fixed procedures and that we regularly audit our suppliers (quality issues, late delivery, order changes etc.).

Many companies strive for a structural Vendor Reduction. Often in vain, which can be very frustrating for various departments.
Kreisler can help you with this, by adding another Vendor: Kreisler Import !

Our 40+ years of experience in trading components have provided us with excellent contacts with thousands of manufacturers and their worldwide located distributors.

Your company can save money by not needing to shift through one vendor to another in your Bill of Materials. Let us do that so that you can direct more time to the most expensive items.
As many companies work with us this way we often receive special resellers’ discount from some of the largest, well known, broad-line component distributors
You may find yourself paying less for the same product from the same supplier when bought through Kreisler.

Making use of our service automatically means, to name a few:

• Access to thousands of brands through one supplier
• All suppliers are rated against our ISO9001 procedures
• If items are obsolete or allocated we will find you another solution
• Taking advantage of our discounts from well known distributors
• No more prepaid credit card orders with hidden costs from new suppliers

Try us today and see how we can help you optimize your supply chain.


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