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• Purchase support
• Component testing
• Help with hard to find components
• Obsolete stock
• Equivalent & Replacement components


Kreisler Import’s Component division is specialized in distributing electronic components, instruments and related products. We can support your Purchasing department by reducing the number of creditors thus saving you time and drastically cut cost .

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Our Specialities

Endless product range

Because of our worldwide network of rated suppliers we can supply active and discontinued (electronic) components fast, against reasonable prices. Try our searchbox on top of this page. You may be surprised the part you thought to be obsolete may still be available. Our brands list contains 8000+ brands and counting! Please contact us with your request!

Customer service

Kreisler Import consists of a small team of experienced, enthusiastic and service-oriented employees who have been with the company for many years. The team is available for you and can be reached during office hours by phone +31 70 385 2104 and e-mail, or chat directly with us via the chat pad the bottom right of this page. Kreisler, going the extra mile for you!

Vendor Reduction

Many companies strive for a structural Vendor Reduction. Often in vain, which can be very frustrating for various departments. Kreisler can help you with this, by adding another Vendor: Kreisler Import !

Our 40+ years of experience in trading components have provided us with excellent contacts with thousands of manufacturers and their worldwide located distributors.


Environmental statement

Kreisler Import is committed to conducting business in an environmentally responsible and proactive manner. We aim to conserve natural resources and minimize waste through source reduction and recycling of packaging material and through disposal of separated waste (paper, glass, plastic and organic matter) through safe, environmentally responsible methods. We encourage energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources. A part of the energy that we need daily, is generated by 17 solar panels on our roof.